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Bowls Boxes and Vases

Hand-carved from wood and finished in fiery red and orange hues, this jewelry box is exemplary of Rajasthan's rich handicraft tradition. Every box is fashioned by artisans who employ century-old techniques with simple hand tools. A panel of text lends an antique look while geometric embossing adds o..
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This beautiful tulip of classic white marble blooms for all to see! A perfect centerpiece, this simple yet elegant bowl is expertly crafted by artisans in India. Marble tulip bowl Measures 5"H x 4.5"W x 4.5"D For decoration only, not intended for food useMade in IndiaBeauty isn't perfect, it's authe..
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Colorful bowls showcase original African artistry! The soapstone used to create these bowls originates from the Tabaka Hills of Western Kenya, where the stone is known as kisii. Tribesmen from the Kisii highlands mine the stone using hand tools and carve it using traditional methods. The kisii stone..
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This vessel is no ordinary jar. It holds a small scroll of paper inside: write down your wildest dreams on the paper, tuck it in the jar, and make a wish for your dreams to come true. With time, faith, and a little bit of determination, good things will start to happen.  Gently brushed with jewel to..
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This resplendent iron vase is finished in copper and bronze colors and embellished with embossed patterns. Carefully forged from hand-riveted strips and fashioned with handles on either side, this piece is handmade in the princely state of Rajasthan and finished using traditional craftsmanship from ..
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The use of the traditional craft of seagrass weaving to create well-designed and useful items like decorative storage boxes is popular in the southern Indian regions of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. A complex process involving the rare skill of the craftsmen, it also helps to sustain livelihood in small..
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Flourishing with buds and blossoms, our handmade hearts are the perfect catchalls for all your favorite treasures. Created by fair trade artisans in Kenya, every dish begins as a chunk of solid soapstone, which is cut and carved by hand, sanded until smooth, and dyed. The artisans then use a knife t..
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A reflection of the opulence from the royal state of Rajasthan, this handmade box features a rich brown finish and faux mirror embellishments. Finished in the region's traditional style, the piece's geometric embossing work adds fine detail and texture. Box measures 11 inches wide, 7.5 inches deep, ..
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Simple and chic, this wrought iron vase is made of individual sections joined with rivets for a striking patchwork effect. Hand-punched detailing and a polished finish round out its contemporary design. Made in the princely state of Rajasthan, this vase is a reflection of the artistic heritage and e..
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Fair trade craftsmanship meets cheeky humor! A great gift for men, this mustache box is perfect for holding Dad’s watch or a sweetheart’s cufflink collection. The box is made from sustainable mango wood by fair trade artisans in India. Box measures 4 inches wide, 4 inches long, and 2 inches high. Mu..
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Handcrafted soapstone bowls deliver a daily reminder of interconnectedness and family ties. Created with love by artisans in Kenya, the dishes depict the meaningful tree of life. They are sized perfectly for holding trinkets, treasures, momentos, and jewelry.Tree of life carved bowlsChoose between s..
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Traditional craftsmanship meets modern design in this minimalist geometric vase. Using time-honored techniques, master stonemasons create its unique shape from white marble in the city of Agra, India (the city of the Taj Mahal). Architectural and contemporary, use it as a planter, vase or pen holder..
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